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Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil Blend 15ml

Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil Blend 15ml

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Introducing our indulgent Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil Blend, a 15ml bottle of pure luxury for your skin. Immerse yourself in the exquisite scent of English Rose as this opulent facial oil works its magic, leaving your complexion petal-soft and luminous.

Formulated with the finest ingredients, our facial oil boasts the powerful benefits of English Rose Oleo Extract. These delicate rose petals are meticulously hand-harvested in the UK and infused in Safflower oil. The result? A decadent extract that caresses your skin, soothing and calming any irritation.

To further enhance your skin's appearance, we've added Padina Pavonica, a nutrient-rich brown algae found along the Mediterranean coast. This remarkable ingredient provides an unparalleled feeling of hydration, ensuring your skin is plump and moisturized.

But that's not all - our Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil also harnesses the incredible properties of Rosehip Seed Oil. This remarkable oil is renowned for its healing properties, working diligently to protect your skin's lipid barrier. The result is a complexion that feels deeply replenished, nourished, and intensely hydrated.

Indulge in this divine facial oil blend and experience the transformative power of roses. With its ability to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles, your skin will radiate with a youthful glow. Treat yourself to the luxury your skin deserves with our Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil Blend.

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