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Superfood Multi Mist 100ml

Superfood Multi Mist 100ml

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Introducing the Superfood Multi Mist 100ml, a versatile spray that does it all: hydrating, toning, priming, and setting makeup for a radiant and healthy complexion that lasts all day.

Powered by the innovative Probiotic Technology, our mist features Kefir Ferment Extract derived from soybeans. This potent ingredient helps to balance and soothe the skin, promoting a complexion that looks and feels revitalized.

Another key player in our formula is Rooibos Red Bush Extract. Packed with antioxidants, this extract boasts a unique polyphenolic profile and a low level of caffeine and tannins. These properties make Rooibos an excellent choice for soothing the skin, ensuring it stays calm and nourished.

We couldn't forget about the ever-so-reliable Aloe Vera. Known for its moisturizing and soothing properties, Aloe Vera has been a go-to ingredient for centuries. Its hydrating benefits can be attributed to the presence of polysaccharides, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and replenished.

Say goodbye to multiple products cluttering your beauty routine. With the Superfood Multi Mist 100ml, you get all the benefits in one simple and refreshing spray. Achieve a healthy and radiant complexion that is balanced, soothed, and perfectly primed for flawless makeup application.

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